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#Item/ProductCategoriesManufacturersInterested BuyersWTB QuantityCount of SellersTotal Stock
141CTS 254TA103B50A Joysticks Passive 2 Direction ±20% 5mA 5VDC 10KOhm 10...3CTS0000
142Pi Supply PIS-0910 Raspberry Pi Compatible Controller...3Pi Supply0000
143Joysticks Passive 5 Direction Solder3SparkFun Electronics0000
144Apem Components HF11S10 Joysticks 1 Direction Cable...3APEM COMPONENTS0000
145Grayhill 04J-AP-C01 Joysticks Active 4 Direction 2000mA PC Pins...3Grayhill0000
146APEM COMPONENTS 100350 Joysticks, Computer Product...3APEM COMPONENTS0000
147Grayhill 67A-DF-3C-030C Joysticks 2 Direction 3.6VDC 1000000Cycles Cable...3Grayhill0000
148Intrinsyc 030-0181-0100_A_CABLE Open-Q 410 13MP Camera...3Intrinsyc0000
149Basler AG DAA1280-54LC-ONSEMI1.2MP-SMNT daA1280-54lm BCON for LVDS camera, 54 fps, 1,2 MP, Co...3Basler0000
150Basler AG DAA1280-54LM-ONSEMI1.2MP-SMNT daA1280-54lm BCON for LVDS camera, 54 fps, 1,2 MP, Mo...3Basler0000
151Basler AG DAA1280-54LM-ONSEMI1.2MP-CSMNT daA1280-54lm BCON for LVDS camera, 54 fps, 1,2 MP, Mo...3Basler0000
152STMicroelectronics VX6854LCQ05I/1 QXGA EDOF Camera Module...3STMicroelectronics0000
153Adafruit Industries 3415 Raspberry Pi Zero W Noir Camera Pack - Includes Pi Ze...3Adafruit0000
154Inforce Computing ACC-1H30 Cameras, Computer Produ...3Inforce Computing0000
155STMicroelectronics VS6663CCQ05I/1 1.3 Megapixel Camera Module...3STMicroelectronics0000
156Intrinsyc 030-0181-0100_A Cameras, Computer Produc...3Intrinsyc0000
157Leopard Imaging LI-OV7251M-FF 2.66mm Monochrome Camera Module...3Leopard Imaging0000
158Leopard Imaging LI-USB30-V034M 640x480 Scientific Camera...3Leopard Imaging0000
159Basler AG DAA1280-54UM-ONSEMI1.2MP-SMNT daA1280-54um USB 3.0 camera, 54 fps, 1.2 MP, Mono, S-...3Basler0000
160Artesyn 73-951-4051 Cameras, Computer Products, Co...3Artesyn0000