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#Item/ProductCategoriesManufacturersInterested BuyersWTB QuantityCount of SellersTotal Stock
181Advantech 96PR-102-UBM3-M Mobile Printer 116mm 70mm 148mm Bluetooth/USB...3Advantech0000
182Advantech 96PR-102-UXPH-I Barcode Printer 270mm 505mm 308mm RS-232/USB 2.0...3Advantech0000
183BRADY BBP33-C-LMP-MWS Computer Products, Printers,...3BRADY0000
184Advantech 96PR-127-UB-D Barcode Printer 204mm 280mm 164mm Bluetooth/USB...3Advantech0000
185Fujitsu FTP-624MCL001 Thermal Line Dot Printing 82mm 46mm 20mm Centronics/R...3Fujitsu0000
186Panduit LS8E-KIT-ACS Includes LS8E hand-held printer, one cassette of S100...3Panduit0000
187BRADY BMP71-LM Computer Products, Printers, Comput...3BRADY0000
188TE Connectivity TE3124-PRINTER Thermal Transfer 242mm 446mm 274mm RS-232C/USB 2.0/10...3TE Connectvity0000
189Fujitsu FTP-639MCL054R Thermal Printer 104.4mm 40.5mm 20.5mm Centronics/RS-2...3Fujitsu0000
190Brady BMP51-KIT-LMK Thermal Printer 6in 3.6in 10.3in USB...3BRADY0000
191Seeed Technology 114991766 Computer Products, Prin...3Seeed Technology0000
192Phoenix Contact 5147999 Thermal Transfer 500mm 480mm 330mm USB 2.0/10/100 Bas...3Phoenix Contact0000
193TE Connectivity T212M-PRINTER **CONTACT HMP** Thermal Transfer 200mm 247mm 171mm RS232C/Centronics/...3TE Connectvity0000
194APS Advanced Printing Systems FM305-ELC Low Consumption, Ultra Light Printer...3APS Advanced Printing Systems0000
195Fujitsu FTP-628WSL110 Thermal Printer 136.5mm 30mm RS232C...3Fujitsu0000
196Fujitsu FTP-648MCL104 Thermal Line Dot Printing 139.5mm 40.5mm 20.5mm RS232...3Fujitsu0000
197Phoenix Contact THERMOMARK ROLL KIT-GH Roll printer starter set - THERMOMARK ROLL KIT-GH - 5...3Phoenix Contact0000
198OmniVision Technologies OV00538-B88G Camera Bridge Processor, USB 2.0, supports up to 2 M...3OmniVision Technologies0000
199Grayhill 67C08-8-M-P Joysticks 8 Direction 12mA 5.25VDC 1000000Cycles Pin...3Grayhill0000
200Grayhill 68B-525-4 Joysticks 20mA 5.5VDC Cable with Connector...3Grayhill0000